Thoughts on making the setup easier

Nov 21, 2014 at 12:16 PM
The current documented way to setup / configure the driver is using the deployment tool, which has a dependency to the Windows Phone SDK. However, there could be users without the possibility to install those dependencies.

One way to make the configuration easier would be to have the settings inside the driver app itself. There, users could set the server port / timeout / hub values and other potential configuration options.

Additionally, even though already now the tool can be deployed manually without the deployment tool, also this step requires tools that are not necessarily easily accessible to everyone. What might help is to publish releases of the driver in the Windows Phone app store. This way, all you really need is a device to be able to use the driver.

If the current XML file based configuration mechanism has some advantages over user-controls, it could be kept as an optional feature. Would be interesting to learn more about the background of the XML based configuration and how others feel about its usefulness.